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Belle Chasse, Louisiana

I started seeing Darnell Gouzy on 6/20/19.

I was fresh out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction and needed a complete reset-mind, body and spirit.

Darnell is incredibly intuitive, empathetic and fantastic at what she does. She has an amazing ability of explaining things in a thorough way that is easy to understand and digest. Her warm welcoming spirit is perfect for channeling positivity so you can really begin this magical, spiritual journey in the right mindset. 

Darnell immediately put me at ease and I found myself feeling completely comfortable, allowing me to be more vulnerable and open to her. She was caring and compassionate about my wants, needs, and goals, and she was able to pick up on things that I was afraid to embark on. 

I am also amazed at how she is able to connect with me, in person or virtually, over the internet in Zoom. Although we weren't in the same room, I can sense her energy, right there with me. I really enjoy our distance sessions. 

At the end of all of our sessions, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders and am more reassured about where I am in this life, and where I'm headed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for emotional guidance, trauma therapy or addiction recovery assistance. She is truly a gift to us all. 


New Orleans, Louisiana

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for over 10 years. An MRI in 2012 showed degenerated discs (L3-S1) with a slight (3mm) retrolisthesis of L3 and L4. 


Over the years, I have managed the pain and tightness by staying stretched through a protocol called Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). This process kept me actively participating in sports such as kickboxing, biking, and running, but I am chronically tight and many times wake up with a shifted back. 


During the COVID-19 crisis, I could not go to my normal therapist. Instead, I went to a chiropractor. Over the course of two visits, I was adjusted in lower vertebral bodies. I had gotten and MRI just prior to these adjustments that showed a slight disc herniation in the L3/L4 space:


After the adjustments, I had significant pain in my hip and down my left leg (which I had never experienced). I became unable to walk or stand for any length of time. After 30-45 minutes on my feet, I would be forced to sit down with significant in my hip, down my leg, and into the front part of my foot (rating 8-9). A subsequent MRI showed that I had L3/L4 disc herniation (14mm), herniation of L4/5 (4mm), and herniation of L5/S1 (5mm). 


After 2 months of significant pain and immobility, I began to see Darnell to work on the issue. During one particular session, I felt a significant shift in the pressure on the spinal nerve root. After this particular session, my hip and leg pain dissipated to a point of being unnoticeable. After this session, I was able to drive and hour and go kayaking all day the following weekend with little to no impingement. This was a gigantic leap in my mobility and functionality. 


After two additional sessions, I felt my strength coming back to the lower back. I wake up with a minor amount of stiffness, but the overall pain has dropped from a consistent 8-9 to a 1-2. 


Two weeks after my initial back session with Darnell, I participated in a weekend training program that included a 30-min high-intensity workout (high knees, planks, push-up, squat press with dumbbells, lunges, etc). In the same day, I also completed a 3-mile job/walk. Prior to the sessions, I could not walk around the block without significant pain. I woke up the next day from these workouts without any noticeable issues. 


It’s important to note that ever physician I showed the MRI to immediately suggested that I get council from a neurosurgeon. I have been selling surgical imaging equipment for the past 13 years and fully understand the difficulties surrounding back surgery, so I was hesitant to go down that path. 


The work that I have done with Darnell has not only had a major impact on my physical symptoms but it has also significantly decreased my anxiety around the situation. I cannot state the significance of the change that I have experienced. I feel like I have gotten my physical life back. 


I am in the process of trying to schedule a 3rd MRI to see if there has been a change in the anatomy. It certainly feels like it!


Thank you Darnell! I feel truly blessed to be back on my feet again!


New Orleans, Louisiana

 14 years ago I had a diagnosis of bronchiectasis which is a chronic Lung disease.  Darnell's amazing spirit and gifted work has created both physical and mental shifts in me. After only five sessions, my lung function test improved 22% in the lower lung and 12 % in the mid-lungs! 

My symptoms, especially coughing, have greatly improved and my lungs feel great! I have found increased clarity and peace of mind around my health and well-being. I have increased energy and have taken on more activities. I am thrilled with the results...the "Pranic Healing Research Institute" overseen by Dr. Glenn Mendoza is interested in my case for medical review because of this amazing recovery. 


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 I was experiencing debilitating neurological symptoms that were very frightening, neurologists at Weil Cornell were unable to make a diagnosis based on symptom and MRI imaging. I was told that sometimes these symptoms are unexplained. 

Darnell's healings have been life-saving and quite miraculous without exaggeration. I experienced dramatic improvement in symptoms around 85 % reduction and it continues to improve. I don't know what I would have done without her help.



 My first session with Darnell was in person, when I met her on a trip to New Orleans through a mutual friend. I have had a brutal last few years, with infertility, two pregnancy losses (one later term), deeply mourning the loss of motherhood, a severely herniated cervical disc that put me on my back for months, fear, anxiety and feeling stuck in my life not knowing what to do or where to go. She made the whole experience feel so safe and supported that I was able to close my eyes and “drop in” to the deep painful places inside to let them open up—but it felt OK to do it. Once we were done with our session I felt lighter and calmer—to the point that as I left that afternoon to fly home, and for the whole four-hour flight back home (and I am a horribly anxious flyer) I just sat in my seat and dozed softly, no music, no knitting, no movies to distract me. I was completely whole in my body and present and calm. Since then, we transitioned to remote sessions and she’s helping me work through these blocks.


I know to call her when ’something is just off’ energetically and none of my usual anxiety management tools works. Every time, she nails whatever it is that is bothering me, helping me be more aware of it, giving me tools to work with on my own after our session and then she goes to work while I just sit back, relax, breathe and focus on what she’s guiding me through.


Darnell is a truly amazing spirit and I am so honored to know her, to work with her and be the recipient of her incredible knowledge.

Love you!



Englewood New Jersey

Darnell is an extremely compassionate and gifted healer; she has also been a pilar of strength and support in my life through times of great difficulty such as the passing of my Mother, hyperthyroidism, depression and anxiety.   There have been times where I’ve gone to her feeling the lowest and after the healing I feel refreshed, renewed with a deeper understanding of myself, at peace and greater capacity to handle the situation I’m dealing with.  Physically I feel more grounded and stronger with more vitality.  I recommend Darnell for anyone in need of healing for any type of ailment whether it be emotional or a serious disease she has the gift to facilitate deep healing. 


The healings I have had over the past year with Darnell have been distance healings. I have experienced both in person and distance healings with Darnell and both are equally effective.  

Linda M. Furgason
MSW, LCSW-Retired
Metairie, Louisiana

"As a mental health therapist of 20+ years, I treated individuals experiencing anxiety, depression and PTSD. In treating clients, I considered their past, current environmental factors and presenting problems to determine the most appropriate form of treatment. I believed mental health counseling, and, in some cases, medications were the only treatment modalities for clients.

It was not until I meeting Darnell of Life Energy Therapies, that I became aware of energy healing and the powerful therapeutic approach it offers when facilitated by a well-trained, educated and compassionate individual as Darnell Gouzy. Energy therapy unlocked and healed some of my unconscious stuck points and connected me to my spiritual realm.

In working with Darnell, I personally experienced not only an awareness of my own physical dimensions but my spiritual dimensions as well. With the help of Darnell and her gifts, I was able to go beyond the three dimensions of the physical world and experience my spiritual self. The energy healing and shifts in my energy had a direct impact on my thoughts and emotions. The clarity of my thoughts and feelings which followed my sessions greatly influenced my choices and behaviors. Within a month of my 3rd session, I felt a sense of renewal, empowerment and abundance; which brought with it many life blessings.

In my opinion, energy healing is a complimentary modality to that of counseling and medication treatments.


If one is seeking a holistic approach to healing and a renewal of life, I would recommend consulting with Darnell Gouzy of Life Energy Therapies."

Tosha L.

Covington LA

I experienced a host of debilitating health conditions that lead to the inability to work.
This was to follow a death in the family, parasite infection, heart palpitations, vertigo, extreme nausea, body shakes, insomnia, extreme anxiety, migraines, unstable blood pressure and severe panic as I would try to go into stores or large buildings. 

After numerous doctors of many specialities I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Hypertension (POTS) and extreme food allergies. 

My life was no longer my own so I radically changed my diet and began yoga and mediation...but I was struggling.

Darnell immediately found emotional and physical energy blocks and preformed protocol techniques facilitating their release. I felt completely different from that first visit.  

Darnell has facilitated miraculous healing which enhanced lifestyle changes.  

I recieved deep emotional, physical and spiritual healing which allowed my body to function and heal more effectively and I was able to get off medications. 
With each session I felt not only more and more like myself but better.
My mind, body and spirit were in balance again.  

At the age of 46 years I became pregnant! 
I already had conceived two beautiful children but was not able to conceive for the last 15 years.
Although pregnancy at this age was not my plan, we embraced and welcomed this beautiful experience. 

I've referred numerous loved ones to Darnell and have witnessed radical healings within their lives as well. 

I wish everyone could experience Darnell's work. She is the real deal! 
Peace, love and light!

Distance sessions
North Carolina

My son would not be alive today were it not for the remote distance Healings that Darnell Gouzy has provided for him. Her hands, heart and generous gifting of the healings are truly Heaven sent as we live 750 miles from her.

Shannon went into complete cardia arrest on the Cath Lab table and was then placed on an ECMO life support machine with a medically induced coma. Doctors gave us little hope of survival during his first week. We were then referred to an angel, Darnell Gouzy. 

Over the next 21 days in ICU with a total of 43 days in the hospital, the energy work Darnell provided assisted in averting several surgical procedures on Shannon, even failing kidneys and dialysis. Shannon's journey from day to day was both devastating and miraculous. Every day the staff and doctors called him “The Miracle Man”. His heart surgeon believes that it was the Pranic Healings that made the difference in Shannon's survival. 

Over the last two years I’ve contacted Darnell in emergency situations for Shannon and almost immediately his body responded to her distance healings easing unbearable pain, relentless vomiting, runaway fevers, spiking high blood pressure and sepsis.

Another emergency call to Darnell was when Shannon was waiting for airlift to a speciality heart hospital. Upon the healing, his vitals immediately became within normal range which allowed the airlift to be cancelled. It is absolutely amazing how Shannon's body immediately responds to both the psychological and physical distance energy healings Darnell provides.  

There were multiple occasions when Shannon would relive terrifying memories and experience anxiety, panic and anger. While medications wouldn't settle his emotional state, it was only the distance healings that brought him out of extreme distress to a calmer state of mind. I could go on and on...

Shannon and I are forever grateful to Darnell for her generosity, devotion, distance healings and love. I recommend Darnell, to anyone, any age, any problem, anywhere…completely!

Darnell, without your caring and remote healing...I'm sure my son wouldn't be with us today.  Thank you for being there, you are a life boat with angel wings.
We love you!

Gus Arroyo

Mandeville LA

Bones fused in 24 days

I had a 90% chance of requiring a stabilizing surgery with possible screws and pins

after fracturing 3 ankle bones. I was told to go to the Orthopedic on Monday for more x-rays and a decision after an ER visit. 


I went directly to meet with Darnell from the ER and she recommended 3 Pranic healing sessions before my appointment on Monday. For the next 3 days I received sessions with Darnell that were extremely relaxing while I experienced warmth and energy movements throughout my body and leg throughout the session. 

Monday the surgeon compared x-rays and was completely surprised that "an unusual amount of healing had occurred as the bones were in alignment and it appeared surgery was no longer  required." I was to continue wearing the boot return in 3 weeks to decide if surgery would still be avoided, he warn me to "STAY OFF THE FOOT" as much as possible, as overuse would result in surgery.​


The next few weeks a lot of walking was required within my work and continued to receive sessions with Darnell. I was deeply concerned I had messed up my leg and would require a surgery. I was these sessions that made me a true believer. 


In one session I there was sensation like something was actually being pulled out of my ankle. In another session I felt extreme warmth experiencing movements of energy going into the bones within my leg and ankle that felt like gently twisting or braiding, as I looked up that is the exact movement she was doing with her hands without touching was amazing!

3 weeks and 3 days post injury, the surgeon said, “It’s just amazing how your bones have healed, they are completely healed". The Dr advised me, transition out the boot wear it only a few hrs a day for few weeks, the muscles were weak and should strengthen because he had never had anyone out of the boot this soon before. He instructed me to keep doing whatever I was doing, as it is for very unusual to heal this quickly. Typically this type of injury could require wearing a boot for 4 to 6 months without a stabilizing surgery, or 3 to 4 months with surgery and therapy. When I asked how long before returning to spin classes he stated “you can do it right now, the bones are healed”, suggesting I wear the wrap during exercise. I don’t feel any pain in my ankle..

It's just amazing!!!

NFL-New Orleans Saints

Working with an NFL Saints player whom had limited sensory perception of the hands after a cervical fusion. 

During his first session he became deeply relaxed, peaceful and released trapped negative emotions. He said he was aware an energetic connected during the session and was blown away by the peace of mind he felt.

Within a few hours after his first session he contacted me stating "his sense of touch

was increasing by the hour and he was amazed!

By the end of the day he contacted again to say he did not understand what had happened in the session but that he was feeling more aware of everything around him, the sky, the trees, the ground and clouds etc., saying he felt more love, peace and was feeling energized at the same time.


Mandeville, Louisiana

A session with Darnell is pure magic. She made me feel so comfortable in her presence during my first visit as if we'd been lifelong friends. Her knowledge of energy work and healing is quite impressive. She incorporates many different modalities into each visit so a single visit with Darnell is equivalent to many visits to multiple visits to multiple healers. I felt some major  shifts during and after our very first session together. Darnell exudes warmth and compassion. Her ability to heal is real. I would highly recommend Darnell to anyone struggling with a physical condition or an emotional blockage. 

I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Darnell, and I happily look forward to our next session. 

Thank you for all you do!

With gratitude,


Lynne Vance

Amite, Louisiana

Darnell was recommended to be by a trusted counselor...I am a regular person: a mom, wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, caregiver, friend and teacher. But somewhere along the way, I lost sight of being just "me" I had forgotten the joy of being embraced by total unconditional love and acceptance-of simply being who I am: a child of God.

I found myself on Darnell's doorstep. It's odd, in the presence of a stranger, I found my own true home. It is not a place, but rather a presence...a state-of consciousness, it is a gift. Darnell talked to me and educated me about the unseen presence of chakras, and life force energies and the power of breath. 

I lay upon a beautiful silk tapestry, closed my eyes, and opened myself to the possibility of supernatural healing. I felt a slight pressure, a presence of an embrace. Then I felt a palpable layer of tension surrounding me. I connect it to the awareness of the invisible tension one feels when holding strong magnets at polar opposites and sensing the pressure of the invisible particles as the repel. Somewhere within the tension, I felt a pull, an opening, a sense of something flowing out of me. I lay in the post-tinted dimness of the room, listened to the sound of ocean waves wash over me and simply allowed the process. 

Afterwards, I became aware of deep-steated emotions I had no idea were even present. I sensed their presence-in their absence. I felt lighter, peaceful, cleansed of negative energy that I was unconscious of ever having.  It is inexplicable.

As I continue my journey, I am mindful of another layer of being. I know now that chakras are real, and that a they sometimes require maintenance for optimum health. 

Darnell has the gift of opening others to discover their essence, accept what is positive and true, release the rest and live in our true home: now. 

Doug F.
New Orleans, Louisiana

"I have been working with Darnell for over a year now. I was new to this speciality and began with uncertainty, but over time I have learned to trust her. I have worked with a number of healers over the years, and Darnell has proven to be especially gifted in her work. 

By following her council and working with her consistently, I have seen significant improvement in my overall health and clarity. I am truly grateful for the insight and contributions she has shared and would recommend her to anyone.

Kelly M. LMT., RMT.

Folsom, Lousiana 

"After only 2 sessions I’m 80% improved. The eczema is healing and here are no broken skin, flaking or cracking and redness is diminishing. 

Emotionally, I’ve had great relief from depression, anxiety, fears, "hot temper" and impatience. I do not feel worn out or "out of control", or the desire to have more control over day to day situations. I have more "in-the-moment" feelings, improved ability to be present. The feeling of being overwhelmed is greatly diminished. There is more connectivity in my relationships. More truth-seeing. I am able to express myself in healthier ways. I have felt more grounded in life and stronger in my energy work. I feel more confident and more connected to my purpose. Overall the improvement over the last two weeks in my emotional health is about 60-70%"


Thank you!

In love and light,



Caroline F.
Tennessee /New Orleans Louisiana

"Mrs. Darnell Gouzy is the real deal. I have been in 12 step and cognitive therapies for years, and though very helpful, I've had more immediate healing in three sessions with Mrs. Darnell than in any of the others combined. She was able to name things I've been struggling with and talking around in my other therapy worlds for years.  

She uses her skills and intuition beautifully, is grounded, welcoming, and incredibly loving and real. She's also happy to explain any part of what she does to give you more tools and put you at ease. I always walk out of her sessions with my mind blown and heart healed. I couldn't recommend her more.


Everything you have given me has been so incredibly helpful. I feel much more at peace.

I just want to tell you again,

thank you!"

All my love,​


Toni T.

Mandeville LA

I suffered from debilitation dyslexia, depression, hopelessness, anxiety and fear. This put constant psychological  pressure on me. I had isolated myself and I didn’t like falsely trying to be a people pleaser. 


After my sessions with Darnell Gouzy I was able to think clearer, release past hurts, anger and embrace the thought of trying to trust people and life again. My symptoms improved greatly and I no longer feel vulnerable. I’m amazed at the changes within myself, and have since attained employment. Within months I was nominated as a "Top Associate" because of my ability to work with others in a kind friendly and courteous manner!  I am comfortable with giving to others again with an open heart and feel the universe in validating me.


Thank you Darnell, for your amazing healing and guidance.

Lindsey W.
Covington, Louisiana

"You are one powerful, more than amazing woman who has given me the strength to get my life back on track. You deserve all the love, blessings, and happiness in this life. You are so special to me. I can't thank you enough for all that you do for me and for everyone you cross paths with. An angel in disguise.

I love you!" 

Katherine D.

Boston, Massachusetts

Over the past eight months of working with Darnell, she has renewed and refreshed my outlook on life and has given me strength beyond measure through distance energy healing and Pranic therapy. When we first met in her office, she immediately cited several energy "blocks" I was experiencing, which made a lot of sense to me based on what I had been going through at the time. Because I do not live in the area, we transitioned to distance healing, which has been extremely powerful in helping me overcome those blocks in a way that I can truly feel. 


Our sessions continually fortify me as she offers tools and advice that enable me to live more authentically. I am forever grateful for finding such a caring, selfless individual like Darnell and for gifts she has shared with me.


Bush, Louisiana

"I am a patient at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in St Tammany Parish. While in one of the most trying times in my life, I have found a place of rest. Within a few minutes of the session I become deeply relaxed and feel profound peace that is hard to explain. There is minimal physical contact, but the warmth that comes from her hands seem to reach my inner body. I feel that I have greatly benefited from these sessions with Darnell and I look forward to my future sessions with her."

Los Angeles, California

"I searched for healing from debilitating depression and anxiety for over 15 years. Living in many places that are highly regarded for healing, such as the Esalen Institute in California among others.

While finding some relief, it was never enough. On a visit to New Orleans I metand began treatment with Dr. Denise Florane who suggested concurrent therapies with Darnell Gouzy for a complete approach toward healing. Together they have helped me heal in such a way that feels permanent. Having some knowledge of what energy work was, I never met anyone who did energy work in a way that was so grounding, demystified and intelligent. Darnell is completely open, down to earth and very approachable. She goes above and beyond by not only giving me the tools I need to help myself, but by also helping me understand. She is an incredible teacher and spiritual guide. Darnell is constantly furthering her education and spiritual training. I am beyond grateful for the healing energy that Darnell has so generously and loving provided and feel better than I ever dreamed of and now have hope for a future." 


Kessler Air Force Biloxi, Mississippi

Simply amazing! I was in a dark unhappy place when I stumbled upon Darnell 

and I must say what a blessing it was. She has helped me so much! After just one visit, I felt such calm and tranquility that lingered long after the session. By the second visit I felt as though years of emotional scarring, baggage and pollution had been removed. Darnell’s sessions put one in a place of such nurturing peace. The best way to describe the experience would be as if I received a deep spiritual massage. I would highly recommend Darnell to anyone and in terms of practitioners,


Darnell is among the best!" 



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