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 R E F L E C T I O N S 

"The Tapestry of Your Reality"

“To dream is to weave into the fabric we use each day that becomes this reality. This will create the tapestry of your life's story of beauty or tragically flawed. Allow yourself to release the past; hurts, anger, fears and resentments that were placed into your tapestry. See them being removed while giving them permission to go for they are no longer a part of this reality but a distant memory.

When your life is complete and you look back upon the tapestry you have created, you’ll no longer see the flaws and imperfections because you have given them permission to go. You will gaze upon the beautiful reflection of a life you've lived, not of perfection but of having lived in forgiveness and grace”.

Darnell Gouzy, November 2016

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