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Spiritual Guidance

There are many different spiritual paths, beliefs, religions and passions. No matter what belief or faith...we are all one.


                                                      Our differences divide us and our Love brings us back together

                                                                               It is unconditional Love that forgives 

                                                                                                 Love that heals

                                                                     It is Love that brings our hearts together as one 


It is my belief that a client should take an active part in their healing journey in order to create life changing results.


In each healing session you will be given breath work, spiritual energy movement exercises, spiritual guidance counseling, meditations and an energy treatment to release negative patterns and energize depleted energy centers. These modalities facilitate the shifting of your energies into a positive (+) quantum charge drawing positivity into your life through the "law of attraction."

Spiritual Guidance Meditation

Please click here to follow the link for the Twin Heart Mediation session directed by Master Steven Co

Spiritual Guidance
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