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Relationship Healing

In loving relationships you can experience a "heart connection". This is when the actual energies of the activated heart chakras of both people come and merge together. Theses auras or "bio-plasmic" energy fields also become interconnected and a "healthy cord" is established. The experience of interconnectedness allows you to feel a blissful love and your relationships seem effortless. 


However, when relationships are in conflict, you can feel an unseen force, clashing and repelling with feelings of discomfort and emotional distress. When this occurs many couples, family and friends see this as the end their relationship, but with focused intention and now tools...a reconnection and restoration is possible.

Reconnection & Relationship Healing

* Release and disintegrate fears, past hurts and negative emotions.

* Remove negative energy blocks and take down false walls of protection.  

* Receive an energetic healing and renewal to fill the void space of these depleted areas. 

* Establish a reconnect in a healthy and divine and way learn the strength of a three fold cord.

Love as Seasons of the Year

"Spring is the bliss of heartfelt attraction

While summer's full of vibrant heat and passion,

Fall may become be quite dull and dry, 

While winter's cold blast tends to leads you towards another guy.

But if you feel lead to wait out in the cold of night,

Springs blissful cheer could be quickly in sight"


Darnell Gouzy, 2018 


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