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Physical Pain

Physical Healing

What is Alternative Energy Medicine?

This practice is not a trend, "new age study"or belief.  Alternative Energy Medicine works within the unseen energies that  are "your natural healing system". Alternative Medicine does not diagnose, prescribe or replace Western Medicine but is an invaluable support.  I work concurrently with physicians, therapists & counselors to help you for optimal healing in becoming the new you. 

Alternative Energy Medicine is the balancing and harmonizing of invisible bio-plasmic energy fields that are in a state of constant motion. Chakras are the energy centers that function to receive clean energies and expel dirty energies and assist the bio-plasmic energy fields function. When energetic disturbances occur, disfunction begins and if left unbalanced can manifest as disharmony in the emotional body and physical body. This can affect various systems including circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine system, renal, muscular, skeletal, nervous and reproductive systems. 

What causes disturbances in the energetic system? 

Physical injury, negative thought, emotions and actions, such as unforgiveness, anger, anxiety and depression. These create low vibrational emotional frequencies while happiness, joy, laughter, love etc. are higher vibrational energies. When people suffer from negative emotions or other problems within the chakra centers they spin at a reduced rate. Its like a box fan set at a lower speed, at this rate the chakra power stations expel and receive energy at a much slower rate therefore and natural healing is reduced.


Physical Healing Session

After through scanning, I will collect data from your body's energies to determine where energetic blocks, attachments, negative cords and roots are logged to apply the best applied protocols for your quickest recovery.

After your Session

* Receive your customized tools assisting you in the daily maintenance of your energies fields.   

* Learn how to release negative emotions, traumas that create ailments in the physical body and create a      space at home for your daily renewal of mind, body and spirit.

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