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Emotional Healing

I feel so detached from life and don't know how to find my way back

Emotional triggers create disharmony in the energy body stimulating ailments in the physical body. When conflicts happen emotional distress occurs and we experience the innate desire to protect ourselves from the source of discomfort. Although we may not be in physical danger, we emotionally check out or detach from people and situations in life that are simply to difficult trying to escape them at all cost and build a wall.


The construction of the great wall within consist of invisible bricks. One by one they are put in place until the wall is complete. Although this seems to be a well thought out plan, these walls that were intended to protect us have now become a self-imposed prison and we may not be able to find our way out. 

I experience so much pain & dysfunction yet doctors can not explain why

These self-imposed walls inadvertently create energy blocks within your system. This can cause numerous systems to have possible malfunctions. 

Emotional Healing Session

I will collect data from your body's energy systems which reveals where energetic blocks, walls, attachments, negative cords and roots are logged in your system. This will determine the best applied protocols for your quickest recovery.

After your Session

* Receive customized tools assisting you in the daily maintenance of your energies fields.   

* Learn how to release negative emotions & traumas that create ailments in the physical body.

* Create a space at home for daily renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Emotional Healing Meditation

Please click here for the violet waterfall mediation session directed by Master Steven Co.    


Friend of Mine

"Don't you worry friend of mine

Your healing journey is just in time

I'll stand by you night and day

You and I will make a way

For we are not of this world

But we are all light beings sent into the world

If everyone... would let their light shine 

Then their heart's would be as full as mine. 


Darnell Gouzy, May 2018


Emotional Distress
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