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Distance Healing

What is distance healing? 

Whether we realize it or not, we are all interconnected within energy fields, pulsing and projecting throughout the earth.    In distance healing, we are able to access these energy field highways enabling healing to be remotely preformed. 

How does it work?

Distance healing is as effective as a physical on site session. It works through morphic resonance that reverberates and exchanges information through energy fields that encircle the earth. This movement of healing energy responds as though you were right here right now! 


Energy Healing is based on the principle of quantum physics which states that energy is not limited by space or time, so it can travel at any time to any place whenever you ask for it.  Energy is in everything all around us and it flows through everything and creates all. 


We are not only this physical body that we can see, but are also a combination of energy, frequency and vibration that flow throughout our body and extends beyond interacting with other people.


The theory of Quantum physics states that the human body is an energy source which is not limited by the physical body. When the energy sources of two or more people interface together, interference is created which is referred to as the “entanglement theory.”  This interaction of tiny electrical impulses of energy extends far beyond our body and creates an electrical communication that is exchanged through our thoughts, feelings, emotions or words.

This electrical communication creates positive (+) & negative (-) quantum charges affecting your health, mood and emotions. 

Even your heart’s electromagnetic fields of energy change according to your emotions. 


These quantum charges when in a negative charge create disharmony and a "non-coherence state" within relationships and emotions, when in a positive charge creating "coherence" stimulating harmony and positive relationships and emotions drawing positivity into your life. 

In your distance healing sessions I will use healing techniques and guidance while teaching you how to create positive quantum charges in your body and coherence within your life. You will receive tools to assist and teach you how to heal yourself and begin your new life’s journey. 

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